Aloe Activator – For use with Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Problems, plus Hay Fever

What is Aloe Vera?

Often called the `Miracle Plant’ or the `Natural Healer’, Aloe Vera is a plant of many surprises. It flourishes in warm and dry climates, and many people mistake it for a cactus, but in fact, it is a member of the lily family. The leaves of the Aloe Vera plant are harvested and the inner part, the gel, is extracted. Aloe Vera is legendary for its healing properties and its therapeutic advantages, which have survived for more than five thousand years.

What is Aloe Activator?

When the leaf of a mature Aloe Vera plant is filleted, the large piece of solid Gel sits in a pale amber liquid, this liquid is combined with the Aloe Vera juice to make this very powerful formula.

Is it safe?

Because of its natural properties, Aloe is safe enough to use on children, the elderly and those with sensitive skin and also delicate areas of the body, i.e. eyes, nose, ears, throat and mouth. However, you may find when applied to the eyes or up the nose, you may experience a little burning, this will soon pass and the after effects, especially with Hay Fever, are well worth the slight discomfort you may feel.

How can it be used?
Aloe Activator is very effective when used with problems associated with the eyes, ears, nose and throat

Directions for Use:

For use in the eyes: for hay fever or irritations etc., pour a little Activator into an eye bath and bathe each eye for a few minutes, repeat as often as necessary. N.B. When using Activator for irritations or infections in the eye, please remember to wash the eye bath after each use and use fresh Activator for each eye, to prevent cross contamination.

For use in the ears: for earache, excessive wax, *eczema of the inner ear or other infections, use the ‘puffer spray’, (which can be purchased from Life Long Products), spraying a little into each affected ear, repeat when necessary. *As it is advisable with this condition, not to get too much liquid into the ear, it is best to mix a little of the Activator with the Aloe Vera Gelly, which will ensure that you have a thicker constituent. This mixture may have to be used with a ‘dropper’ with a large enough opening to allow the mixture to be placed into the ear.

For use in the nose: for hay fever, spots, sores or other irritations of the nose. Use the ‘puffer spray’, (which can be purchased from Life Long Products), to spray a little Activator into each affected nostril, breathing in gently whilst spraying.

For use in the throat or mouth: for sore throats, squeeze a little Activator directly from the container or the ‘puffer spray’ (which can be purchased from Life Long Products), into the throat, leave and gargle for a while, please note that it is quite safe to swallow the Activator and this could add to the healing process. For mouth ulcers and other sores of the mouth, spray some Activator from either the container or the ‘puffer spray’ into the mouth, hold the liquid in the mouth for a few minutes, swishing it around as you do so, once again, it is quite safe to swallow the Activator and this could add to the healing process.

If any stinging is experienced, when using the Activator in the eyes or the nose, this will not be harmful, just a little uncomfortable. Not everyone will experience stinging, but the benefits from the Activator far outweigh any slight discomfort that may be felt.